Introducing whacky storytelling, surreal to philosophical poetry from ....Richard Heley

I am a traveller thru time and space
Wearing rags, banana skins and lace.
I have shoes but carry them on my head
The laces fastened loosley under my chin,
Tied in a bow from which I fire love arrows
At needy occupants of out of service telephone booths.
I offer to service them
But they threaten to call the police.
Even I know you can’t dial for help
From a discredited phone box

I take my time
No one knows I take it
I put it secretly in the pocket with a hole
Some people call me a thief and maybe one day
I’ll be arrested for stealing attention
And selling it, in seedy nightspots, to ex "X" Factor semi finalists
and fading pop idols on the lookout for hits

I work on Fridays during my nap
Then wake up pleased that the rest of the week is my own
The capitalist in me feels good to own the week
To go where it pleases,
ride in a glass bubble,
teasing the anarchy,
sleep till I drop!
It’s a good job time is free,
because I’ve already spent it

I sleep in a coal bunker and have dirty dreams
Then wake on fire with a lump in my throat
Full of burning philosophical questions.
Such as, “can you lend me a fiver?”
And dents in my confidence
Caused by resting on my laurels
Luckily, time takes an eternity to fall through holes

© Richard Heley 2009

Richard is the 1997/8 Farrago UK Poetry Slam Champion, has a growing reputation as a spoken word performer and has toured extensively in the UK and America.



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Richard recently completed a storywriting project with children from Hatton in Derbyshire called "Keep yer Hatton" Sponsored by Peoples Express in Swadlincote



You can book Richard to tell tall, whacky, surreal and funny tales, perform beautiful poetry or sing pithy, surreal, love and streetwise observations in his unique style of conscious indy songs

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