Discover an amazing British songwriter with lyrical, poetic, moody, raw & beautiful, pithy, surreal, love and streetwise observations. Richard Heley has a unique style of conscious indy songs. Enjoy.

Perfect Mistakes

The new album by Richard Heley

9 tracks

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  1. Here lays the night
  2. Waves of love
  3. The order was chaos
  4. Jumble of thoughts
  5. Learning to love
  6. Soul on the run
  7. Photograph of feeling
  8. To be alive
  9. Barbed wire blues

All songs written and performed by Richard Heley. Backing vocals on track 1 by Joy Mobbs. backing vocals and guitars on track 9 by Jose Gross. All tracks originally recorded by Jose Gross, except track 9 was recorded by Grant Showbiz & Kifkif Lebatter and track 8 recorded by Chris White. All tracks remastered by Chris White. All tracks are copyright Richard Heley.

All rights reserved 2010.

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